Great Skate | Hockey Manufacturer Gear Styles - Fitting Guide

Hockey Equipment Fitting System:

Not sure what style fits your game, Here is a quick breakdown of the different manufactures Hockey Gear. If you have any question please feel free to contact us at 1.800.828.7496 or by email at 


Supreme Fit - Supreme Coverage; Totally efficient with Strength and Power (Anatomical)

Nexus Fit - Maximum Coverage; Traditional meet technology effortless control and Quick Release (Traditonal)

Vapor Fit - Ultimate Mobility; A new edge over the comptition with Quick Release and optimal balance (Tapered)


RBZ Fit - Speed design; Ultralight Weight

Tack Fit - Explosive Reaction; Low Profile

Ribcor Fit - Agility Profile; Comfort fit


Synergy Fit - Classic Fit; Power and Feel, uilt for players looking for excellent feel; Total coverage  and secure fit

Stealth Fit - Quickness and Accuracy; Built for players looking for lightweight gear; Low profile, Natural Fit


Dynasty Fit - Traditional Fit that maximizes protection without increasing bulk or weight

Covert Fit - Low Profile; Tailored to follow your natural skating posture


Surgeon - Ultimate Mobility; Lightweight, Tapered Fit

Stallion - Full Coverage; Strength and Power