Bauer Youth Hockey Skates - Supreme, Vapor | Great Skate
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Youth Hockey Skates

Online best prices from Bauer, & CCM Choosing the right hockey skates can have a dramatic impact on your game. If you're skating the length of the ice back and forth for most of the game, you might start to notice fatigue setting in. Even when you have energy, your feet may simply be too tired to keep moving at the same speed that they did earlier in the game. Skates normally fit 1 to 1-1/2 sizes smaller than your street shoes. While wearing the sock that will be worn when skating, slip your foot into the skate, pressing the ends of the toes against the front of the skate.Why bake your skates? Most hockey pro shops have a skate oven that is recommended for the process. Baking your hockey skates in your home oven is not recommended because the skates can be damaged if they are improperly baked. Baking your skates at home will also void the manufacturer’s warranty
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