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Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates w/Pulse Ti - Intermediate Price


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Bauer Vapor Hyperlite Ice Hockey Skates w/Pulse Ti - Intermediate

Over the last couple years, we have been very focused on separating the performance attributes of both SUPREME and VAPOR skates from an on-ice performance and feel perspective. This separation will continue with the introduction of the new VAPOR HYPERLITE skate. Where new technologies, new materials and new thinking will now pull the two families even further apart from a pure performance perspective. And how we should be viewing the performance of the skates versus each other is the different flex points of the skates. SUPREME Power: Stiffer lower for optimal energy transfer. Softer upper for increased range of motion. The kick point of the skate is in the upper region. VAPOR Quick: Softer lower for increased response. Stiffer upper for increased lateral support. The kick point of the skate in the lower portion of the skate. Ultimately these flex points give the unique performance feel on the ice and the desired separation of the two families. Introducing Hyperflex Technology, a combination of Facing and Outsole technology that improves the overall flex profile of the skate to maximize quickness and agility. The Hyperflex facing leverages our injected facing technology but has integrated flex zones built into the top 4 eyelets. These flex zones increases the wrap of the facing for greater side-to-side stability but allow for players to quickly and efficiently get over top of the balls of their feet to maximize the acceleration and transitions zones of the blade—ultimately leading to faster acceleration and increased agility. Hyperflex outsole is a uniquely constructed outsole that features a rigid composite material on the front and a poured flexible material in the back. The composite material being rigid allows for players to maximize the energy transfer during the acceleration phase of the skating stride. The softer region of the sole increases the torsional flex of the skate and increases blade contact through speed and transition zones. Over the last couple years of skate development, we have been on a quest to increase the overall comfort level of our skates. In a lot of cases, this has meant adding in additional foam to increase the comfort but at the expense of the weight of our skates. Knowing consumers view weight as a performance attribute they seek, we needed to address this. Aerolite is a unique foam material that allows us to reduce weight and maintain comfort. With Hyperlite, we have expanded the use of Aerolite foams to the tongue to remove any excess weight from the skate while maintaining the right amount support, protection and flexibility the players require. We also optimized the internal foams to ensure we maintain the comfort required yet shedding any additional weight of the skate. The end result is a lighter Vapor skate that appeals to the quick and agile player. To initiate the change in the overall process and break the consumer purchasing norm, the Vapor Hyperlite skate will now require a blade fitting as part of the fitting process. On the product will come a synthetic blade that can be used as a normal blade in the fitting process. Once the player confirms the Hyperlite boot is for them, they will now have the option to customize the performance of their skate based on the blade attributes they choose. Hyperlite with Pulse TI: Enhanced edge retention.
  • Key Upgrades: Hyperflex facing, HyperFlex sole, AeroLite Tongue, Choose Your Steel Performance, Aerofoam Pro interior padding
  • Facing: HYPERFLEX Facing
  • Lining Material: Lock Fit Pro
  • Ankle Padding: Aerofoam Pro
  • Tongue: AeroLite W/ Dual Injected Insert
  • Footbed: Lock Fit
  • Thermoformable: Anaform upper
  • Outsole: HyperFLex sole
  • Runner: Hyperlite with Pulse TI: Enhanced edge retention
  • Toe Cap: Asymmetrical

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