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CCM 2019 Youth Hockey Equipment Package

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CCM 2019 Youth Hockey Equipment Package

Great Skate Youth Starter kit for hockey players!

Great Value. Great Deals. Great Equipment.
We are looking top put the savings back in your pocket with this entry level hockey equipment package. Look no further, we have it all.

The package will include the following: 

CCM tack 9040 Youth Hockey Skates:
  • INJECTED STABILITY LACING SYSTEM Innovative one-piece construction maximizes energy return and provides increased stability throughout the life of the skate and explosive energy transfer with every stride. The NEW stability lacing system reduces the amount of total energy lost vs. traditional construction allowing the player to exit turns faster while increasing acceleration for more energy transfer to the ice.
CCM HTFLDS 3 Helmet and  Cage Combo:
  • Open helmet to its last setting and position on the head so the rim is one finger width above the eyebrow. Gradually begin to downsize the helmet until a comfortable, snug fit is achieved. MISSION recommends the use of a mouth guard.
CCM 4R II Hockey Gloves:
  • Foams – Mid-density, Thumb – Dynamic ergo thumb, Shell – Nylon mesh
CCM Jetspeed 350 Youth Shoulder Pads:
  • Low profile Shoulder Cap Design, Multi segmented design for maximum movement, Adjustable bicep protection for customized fit, Breathable Mesh Liner
CCM Jetspeed 350Youth Shin Pads:
  • Suspension system for shock dispersion, Wrap around calf protection reinforced with PE, Molded anatomical PE shin and knee cap, Foam reinforced side knee and thigh protection
CCM Jetspeed 350 Youth Elbow Pads:
  • Extended PE protection in forearm, Detailed covered hard cap elbow protection, PE reinforced elbow joint protection 
CCM Jetspeed 350 Youth Hockey Pants:
  • Molded ergonomic poly hip guards, Ribbed poly thigh guards, Raised spine protection with poly insert, Poly + mid-density tail pad for additional protection

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Manufacturer Products

Hockey Equipment Fitting Guide

Hockey Elbow Pads:
Necessary and approved equipment that when properly fitted protects the elbow, forearm and lower bicep/tricep from contact that may occur during the sport of hockey.

Hockey Helmet: 
Necessary and approved piece of equipment that protects the head from contact that may occur during the sport of hockey.

Ice Hockey Gloves:
Necessary and approved equipment that when properly fitted protects the hand, fingers, wrist and forearm(except short gloves) from slashes and other contact.

Ice Hockey Stick: 
Right or Left?... When the player is holding the stick, whichever hand is at the bottom of the shaft will determine right or left. 

Goalie Stick:

What hand will the player hold the goal stick in?... If the goal stick is held in the right hand, you will need a "left". If the goal stick is held in the left hand, you will need a "right". 

Hockey Shin Pads:
Hard plastic, foam padding and cloth piece of equipment worn to protect shins and knees from contact.

Ice Hockey Pants:
Foam padding and hard plastic contained in a cloth shell used to protect waist, hips, thighs and calf. 

Hockey Shoulder Pads: 
Hard plastic, foam padding and cloth piece of equipment worn to protect shoulders, upper frontal chest and upper back from contact. Some models also have attachments for protection of mid section and sternum. 

Ice Hockey Skates: 
Hockey Skates are generally 1-1/2 smaller than shoe size. Click for more information